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Life choices for young men

High school aged boys

Life Choices for Young Men is a course designed specifically to address issues confronting young men, (Years 9- 12), in the new millennium.

This is not a self-protection seminar but rather a presentation to address what are relevant issues facing young men in our society.

The main focus behind Life Choices for Young Men is to deliver a frank, open and down-to-earth presentation to the boys which examines critical issues such as peer pressure, decision making, self-discipline, respect, motivation and essential keys required for success.

Three key elements addressed in the presentation are:

  • Taking responsibility for yourself and your actions
  • Life is all about choice
  • The importance of respect and self-discipline

The course also includes an in-depth discussion around sexual assault, indecent assault, consent and respect within relationships.

All of the key elements of the presentation are wrapped up in powerful, hard-hitting real-life stories and analogies.

Back off

High school aged girls

A young woman’s guide to survival in the new millennium, Back Off is a total self-protection programme with a difference.

This is not a physical based martial arts type course, it is centred around knowledge, assertiveness and basic conflict psychology, with a focus on prevention.

We help young women:

  • Develop the ability to control the way we think in a pressure situation
  • Understand how the offender thinks in the situation
  • Know the importance of always having a strategy

There are two core presentations available to be presented as either stand-alone half-day seminars or combined and presented over a full day.

Date rape

  • A half-day seminar looking into all the relevant aspects behind sexual crime committed by a person known to the target usually within a social setting such as parties, university colleges etc
  • A full discussion around the legal definition of sexual assault, indecent assault and consent
  • Proven and effective strategies to deal with this form of sexual confrontation
  • All key aspects of the seminar are presented through real life stories involving young woman around the age of those in attendance

Stranger confrontation

  • A rare and factual insight into this form of sexual crime where those in attendance are taken inside the mind of a typical offender to examine their selection process, mindset, strengths, weaknesses and fears
  • An in-depth study of the psychology behind this type of crime and how to effectively use this knowledge against the offender
  • Real life stories and profiles of actual offenders are used throughout the presentation to provide young women with invaluable insights into the most effective strategies to employ
  • Students are taught simple, proven and effective physical strikes which can be used if physical self-defence is chosen as a strategy

Harassment, discrimination and sexual crime

First year and residential college students

Our seminars have been specifically designed to deal effectively with all aspects of sexual harassment, discrimination and date rape.

These gender specific seminars provide a unique forum for open discussion and questions that would otherwise be restricted in a presentation.

We provide an in-depth look at what constitutes sexual harassment through to indecent and sexual assault.

The course includes:

  • Specific examples of typical cases of sexual harassment and/or sexual assault within the university community
  • When does sexual harassment become a criminal offence and the legal ramifications of this
  • An in-depth discussion with students around the legal definitions of sexual assault, indecent assault and consent
  • In the young women’s seminar, we also address the most effective strategies to adopt in a typical date rape confrontation


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