Our Courses

Creating a positive work environment and culture

Employees are encouraged to think about what they can do to contribute to a positive work environment and culture.

These sessions are designed to be inspiring and empowering, resulting in a greater knowledge and clearer understanding of healthy workplace culture.

The greatest benefit of this type of presentation is not what occurs in the training room, but in the mindset change afterwards.

Workplace harassment, bullying and discrimination

For effective, company-wide education, your staff must have access to relevant and up-to-date information on harassment, bullying and discrimination.

Our courses focus on providing content and information in an engaging way to ensure the message makes a positive impact  on your employees.

Senior management seminars

Ensure your senior management team is completely up to date with company policies and current workplace legislation in this two hour, face to face presentation on harassment and discrimination.

Empower your executive team with the knowledge to clearly understand what is expected of them in helping provide a healthy corporate culture.

One-on-one mentoring

As a result of  a workplace harassment investigation, many organisations employ expert One-to-one mentoring to prevent repeated incidents.

The mentoring process may relate to all those involved – from the complainant, the respondent of the complaint and management.

It is often more effective to introduce an external expert, with no connection to your organization, for this type of interation.

Keynote presentations

With the experience and background to speak credibly on every aspect of conflict resolution, motivation, and offender psychology, combined with over twenty years on the public speaking circuit, we have the credentials for your next event.

Whether you require a factual, hard-hitting presentation on the profile of serial offenders, the psychology behind weapon, and gang confrontations, or a light-hearted look at dealing with fear and self-motivation, or perhaps a condensed version of the workplace harassment and bullying talk, we can tailor an experience to suit your audience.

Online seminars

During the COVID-19 isolation period of 2020 many of our corporate clients continued to employ our services to present workplace training virtually via platforms such as Zoom. Many thousands of staff members from corporations and government departments throughout Australia and NZ have attended our online training which has received overwhelmingly positive feedback.


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